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FAQS - Foryouvape


Will vaping save me money?

We calculate you can save up to £3200 a year by making the switch to vaping. This can be more or less depending on how much you vape and which kit you go for. No matter what you choose however, you stand to save a significant amount of money making the switch from smoking to vaping!
Why are there so many different e-cigs available?
The great thing about electronic cigarettes is the choice. Having such a wide range of e-cigs means you can mix and match and try new things until you find your ideal vaping set up.

Will an e-cig help me quit smoking?

We do not promote e-cigs as a stop smoking device. They are an alternative way to get the nicotine that your body is craving.

What is e-liquid?

E-liquid, or e-juice, is the fluid form of the vapor you inhale when you vape. Vapes and e-cigs use e-liquid as the medium of the active ingredient or substance you want to take in. The most common form of e-liquid is the basic nicotine solution, which contains nicotine dissolved in a base. Some e-liquids don’t contain nicotine and may even have flavors. The e-liquid will turn to vapor when it gets heated up to high temperatures. No burning is involved in vaporizing e-liquids, so you can be sure that you’re inhaling just the e-liquid and its contents, but in gaseous form.
E-liquid is called such because it is a liquid used to fill an electronic vaporizer. The “e” in e-liquid stands for “electronic.”

What is e-liquid made of?

E-liquids are basically made of an active ingredient (commonly nicotine), hygroscopic liquids that attract absorbs air moisture, and colored flavoring. The hygroscopic liquids help turn the water content of the solution turn into thick vapor when heated up to high temperatures. The most common and popular hygroscopic components are PG (propylene glycol) and VG (vegetabe glycerine). Another less known one is PEG 400 (polyethylene glycol 400). E-liquid’s appearance resembles watery syrup.

What’s the best amount of nicotine in e-juice?

It depends on your own preference. If you’re not willing to do trial and error and are a former smoker, you can use your own smoking preference as a guide. If you don’t like nicotine and just want vapor and some flavor, go for 0mg/mL. If you want a little, almost undetectable, amount of nicotine, try anywhere between 0mg/mL and 6mg/mL. If you were a light smoker before, you will like 6 to 12mg/mL. Above 12 until 18mg/mL is the middle values for most vapers. It is the consensus ideal strength that will make you feel nicotine in every puff. Heavy smokers will want levels that reach 24mg/mL while hardcore nicotine addicts will normally go for 36 to 50 mg/mL. Whoever you are among these, you can choose your corresponding nicotine level easily.

How long does e-liquid last before it becomes bad?

E-Liquids have no clear dates of expiration. If you’ll just base it on the average shelf life of the ingredients like propylene glycol, vegetable glycerine, and nicotine, e-liquid can last from one to a couple of years, assuming that it’s stored in an optimal location. Some additives actually increase the rate of spoilage of e-liquid. Flavoring, for example, may contribute to minor chemical changes in the mixture as time passes by. Residue can also form if you never shake your e-liquid container and tis may also contribute to spoilage.

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